Joe D'Urso

Tour Dates

Sunday, September 26, 2021, 7:00 pm

Joe Solo (John Prine Tribute Show)

Beacon, New York
Showtime: 7pm

A Tribute to John Prine's music with Joe D'Urso, Tim Donohue, David Frye, Gary Solomon, Loren Korevec, Chihoe Hahn and Chris Brown, The acoustic show will be set in a "songwriter's circle" with each performer getting a chance to sing and share the amazing and life affirming song catalogue, and unique songwriting, that made John Prine one of America's most endearing entertainers over a 50-year career. It has been said that John Prine was "the Mark Twain of songwriting" and Bob Dylan said he was "Faustian." All that may be true, but we also know that John was a special writer who was able to celebrate life's small moments. Come join our guitars, voices and piano to celebrate a special person: John Prine!