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A Little Bit Of Alright (2009) by Tim O'Donohue

A Little Bit Of Alright (2009) by Tim O'Donohue

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CD By Tim O'Donohue.
Produced by Joe D'Urso and released on SCR Records.

"Somewhere between folk and bluegrass, in the shade of the Americana landscape, lies singers and songwriters like Kris Kristofferson, John Prine, Slaid Cleaves and other notables in this fantastic melting pot of music. Also now in that mix is the debut CD by Tim O'Donohue. "A Little Bit Of Alright" contains old and new chestnuts from the giving tree of American music and they are sung by Tim O'Donohue, a person who has been to the other side of life and death and who luckily came back to make a great debut record." - Joe D'Urso