Joe D'Urso


One More Song Live (Double CD) (2009)

One More Song Live (Double CD) (2009)

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Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan Live Double CD with 32 songs!

Track Listing
Disc One: Welcome Home - Betterland - Tell Me Why - Follow Me - Cause - Numb - So Tired - Let It Go - Stall - Valentine Blue - Your Only One (Last Lips) - You're The Reason - When The Night Comes - Deep End - It's The Summertime - The Drinking Song - Rock In The Sun - Never Missed You More - Last Song To Be Sung.

Disc Two: Minute to Midnight - The Otherside of Midnight - When The Rain Finally Stops - Rock and Roll Call - Noisy Guitars - Happy Song - Older Dreams (solo acoustic) - Rock and Roll Station (solo acoustic) - Six Months in Italy (solo acoustic) - All My Friends (solo acoustic) - No One But You (solo acoustic) - As The Rain Falls In Dublin (solo acoustic) - Glow (solo acoustic)