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Sway (2013)

Sway (2013)

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"Sway" is the 13th release from Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan since 1991 and includes nine new original D'Urso songs/co-writes: "Brand New Start," "Come Down Tonight (Asbury Park)," "Sway," "Hanging Out in Tucson," "Love Her Blues" and four others. Three songs by: "It's Been A Long Time" by Steven Van Zandt, "One Guitar" by Willie Nile and "I'll Take All The Blame" by the late Terence Martin. Another rocking CD in the a long line of releases that have always been centered on songs, rock and roll and thought-provoking ideas.

Joining Joe, Sam LaMonica, Mr. Lou E. DeMartino and Greg Gregory C Lykins on this CD are Rita Harvey, Tony Pallagrosi, Steve Pavia, The Maddog Horns, Greg Talenfeld and Neil Berg.

Track Listing:
1. Come Down Tonight (Asbury Park) - D'Urso
2. Brand New Start - D'Urso
3. Hanging Out in Tucson - D'Urso/Berg
4. Sway - D'Urso
5. It's Been A Long Time - Van Zandt
6. All My Friends - D'Urso/Sica/Albanese
7. I'll Take All The Blame - Martin/Hicks
8. One Guitar - Nile/Lee
9. Love Her Blues - D'Urso/Berg
10. Summertime Dreaming - D'Urso/Albanese
11. Freedom - D'Urso/Berg
12. NYC Taxi Ride (Instrumental) - Berg/D'Urso

Rootsy meat and potatoes rock'n'roll gets quite a pleasant and melodic workout on this enjoyable and engaging album. Joe D'Urso's endearingly hoarse voice immediately puts the listener at ease. Moreover, D'Urso straightforward songwriting has a plain-spoken simplicity to it that cuts right to the heart of the matter with a refreshing clarity and dearth of pretense. The arrangements are likewise basic and uncluttered, but still tuneful and lively enough to keep things boppin' along throughout. The earnest and affecting average folks subject matter along with D'Urso's down-to-earth perspective serves as the tasty cherry on an already yummy cake. A fine and moving gem. - Joe Wawrzyniak,