Joe D'Urso


January 24, 2018

"Jersey Diner" CD Release Shows - Sat., Jan. 27 at 7:30 & 9:30pm - Turning Point

Hope this email finds the New Year treating you well and you sticking to any resolution you may have made. :)

Light of Day Winterfest 2018 wrapped up last week and I cannot express my thanks to all the fans, artists, volunteers and sponsors who once again made Asbury Park the place to be for five days in the middle of the winter!

The extended Winterfest started in Montclair and Philadelphia on January 5/6, a one-day event in Asbury Park on January 7, NYC on January 10, and then fans from all over the world took over Asbury from January 11th to 15th for what seemed like a never-ending amount of shows and after-hour parties! I got a chance to talk about the work of LOD on CBS2 Morning Show. Being surrounded by three beautiful women even makes me look good! Watch it here:

Watch Joe on CBS2 Morning Show

That same evening at the Paramount Theater, Stone Caravan (Sam LaMonica, Greg Lykins, Jerry Scaringe and Seth Saltzman) ripped up the stage with a rocking performance (5th of that week!) and then I stepped in front of the curtain to perform a few acoustic songs and to check one off the bucket list as I sang Bruce's "4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)" with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and performer on the original recording, Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez. We were then joined by the wonderful Miss Emily from LOD Canada, who also joined me on TV earlier than day, for "Hold On". For me, both songs were very special.

I have been so happy/taken aback/relieved by the early fan response to "Jersey Diner". It's my first release in five years and I knew I liked what I heard in the studio, but you never know how songs will be received until folks tell you. We had advance copies ready for LOD Europe and LOD Winterfest. It was so great to to get it out to folks. The reaction to our last release, "Sway," was strong as well but the messages I've been getting makes me feel, and I've been told, that this is the strongest release I've put out in 18 years since "Rock & Roll Station," which got me into GRAMMY world back then! :) I'm already thinking about the next JD&SC record and maybe even a JD's Acoustic Excursion one as well, but until then...

With all that being said, this coming Saturday we have two CD release shows at our longtime, legendary music cabaret The Turning Point in Piermont, NY, on the banks of the Hudson and close to Westchester and Bergen counties, but proudly part of Rockland County. Here is a link to reserve tickets as we hope to have two killer shows at 7:30 and 9:30pm. It's all ages and they serve food as well as libations for those of you who haven't been there. Visit or you can call and reserve tickets at 845-359-1089. They have also made a special ticket price for folks who want to attend both shows. Thanks, John!

"Jersey Diner" is not yet on iTunes, CDBaby, Spotify, etc. as we are hoping folks purchase "real copies" first from us, but eventually this record, like my past releases, will be part of the cyber world. Here is the link to get it directly from us at SCR/Schoolhouse Records Also, all past releases are on sale for a limited time for $10!

Purchase Jersey Diner

Please check out as the website has a new look/overhaul. Thanks, Matt.

Also, the lyrics for the songs (and all my other past releases) will be up on the website soon as we didn't include them in the packaging (which came out great due to the talent once again of Harry Choron). "Jersey Diner" was produced by Greg Talenfeld with assistance from yours truly and we had a great list of musicians come in and join Stone Caravan and myself. Those liner notes will also be part of the new website design soon.

Lastly, please put June 22 to June 25 on your calendar the for 5th edition of the Rockland-Bergen Music Festival!

Thanks as always for all the support in words, presence and purchasing. It all makes me a very lucky guy...

All my best,
Joe D