Joe D'Urso


January 28, 2020

Bruce Springsteen at Light of Day 2020 / Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan Performing Saturday, February 1st at The Turning Point

First and foremost, I hope this email finds you well and keeping to all your New Year's resolutions! It's already a month gone by and I know you can do it! Whatever it is! I'm trying myself. Was in the gym this morning at 7am. If I can do that you can do whatever you are trying to! :) :)

Last weekend capped off months of Light of Day shows in Europe and the States. We performed 16 shows in 9 countries in late November/early December and then had 10 days of shows in Montclair, Philadelphia, Rockland County, NYC and Asbury Park. The below video clip is the last song played at the Paramount Theater show which is called Bob's Birthday Bash. It was Bruce Springsteen's 12th surprise guest appearance out of the 20 years we have been having shows in Asbury Park. My longtime music manager, Bob Benjamin, started Light of Day after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Since then LOD has raised over six million dollars to find a cure for PD, ALS and PSP by using the awesome power of music to help find a cure. LOD also funds "Boxing for Bob" programs at a few gyms in NJ to help PD patients with movement.

Take a look as I was behind happy that I had these t-shirts made, as a gift for Bob, from an old photo of Bruce and Bob in the late 1970's. I couldn't have planned this any better.

Big Thanks to Sam LaMonica, Greg Lykins, Jerry Scaringe and Seth Saltzman for rocking LOD stages in Philadelphia, New York City and Asbury Park!

Now it's time to rock our favorite little venue in the world, The Turning Point in Piermont, NY this coming Saturday night, February 1st at 8pm (the night before the Super Bowl) as we will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of my 2000 release "Rock & Roll Station," which includes songs "Rock & Roll Call," "Never Missed You More," "Rock in the Sun," and "Numb," as well as a good handful of others that will be good to perform again. We will also play other JD&SC big "hits" during the night!! :)

Opening the show will be the wonderful acoustic band called Joe D'Urso's Acoustic Excursion with Ken Harten, Seth Saltzman and Greg Lykins. It's a chance to get to perform some great 70's singer-songwriter songs as well as perform songs that have appeared on Stone Caravan records but I don't get a chance to perform live.

Please reserve/tickets right away (there is only one show this time!) at or by calling 845-359-1089.

I'll be back at the Turning Point for "GodStock" on Sunday, February 9th for two shows. Both shows are sold out as Neil Berg and Johnny Markowski have put together a top-notch band and guest singers as we honor those great talents who have passed on and have left great songs for all of us.

JD&SC Shows in Europe: February 28 to March 7 - Germany, Sweden and England. All info will be up at shortly but I can confirm we will be performing in Melle-Germany (Feb. 28), Dorphof-Germany (Feb. 29), Malmo-Sweden (March 3), Putney/London-England (March 5), Leciester -England and Cheltenham - England. Tickets on sale for the first four dates!

Thanks as always for ALL the support :)
All my best,
Joe D