Joe D'Urso

Lyrics and Chords



(Joe D'Urso)

The streets they are soaked with blood and oil
On the same streets, on the same soil
Where Christ once walked and love was reborn
No one's seeing straight and love's been forlorn

I walk through the desert, I walk through the night
I walk between decisions, I walk just out of sight
Of scopes and opinions of lovers and friends
I walk not knowing how this will end

Forlorn, Love's forlorn

The sky is loaded with tears and prayers
Waiting for the moment when enough may care
I listen closer than I ever did before
Any moment now, I could walk through your door

Forlorn, Love's forlorn

When the gloaming of the day can rest with ease
That may be the moment when man may seize
The elusive strand of time and be reborn
But right now no one's seeing straight, love's been forlorn

Forlorn, Love's forlorn...