Joe D'Urso

Lyrics and Chords


Six O'Clock News

(Joe D'Urso)

Everybody on TV trying to sell these days
Not just a straight ones they've got devious ways
They've got pills to cheer you up, pills to make you thin
Pills to play piano and not to sin
But that's not the scary show
For that there's only one place to go
They'll scare you to pray
But they're ain't no open pews
On the Six O'Clock News

They got talking heads, models, ex-jocks and journalists
News of the world and beyond bound to give you fits
Never had a big brother as a child
But if I did I know he wouldn't act in this style
But that's not the scary part
Take the story of your choice for your shopping cart
They'll scare you with everything
But have no real clues
On the Six O'Clock News

Now I ain't picking on them
But there are those with
Papers to sell, Ratings to win
Don't make no difference
Between truth and sin
On the news, on the Six O'Clock News

There's the ex-pop star pregnant with the wild love child
This takes up too much time and we have no truth for awhile
Fog up the little folks with deviance
That way they'll listen when we speak with reverence
Now that's the scary turn
And maybe one day we will learn
But till then it all seems
We'll be led by fools
Running the Six O'Clock News
Fog up the little folks with deviance