Joe D'Urso

Lyrics and Chords

Best 1991-2003

Same Old Mistake (Bonus Track)

(Joe D'Urso/Dan Albanese)

Songwriters: Joe D'Urso and Dan Albanese
Publisher: Three Chords and The Truth Publishing - BMI
Release: Unreleased - Recorded for "Rock-Land"
Producer: Gordon Davis and Stone Caravan
Engineer: Gordon Davis
Mastered by: Jay Ward
Musicians: Dan Albanese/Neil Berg/Joe D'Urso/Paul Graf/Rob Mathis/Bob Place

You say the ghosts still call your name
They got your number though your name has changed
And you still feel just like you're still all alone

You say the silhouettes, they drank your wine
They called your house and they danced in time
And you still feel just like you're getting left behind

They don't understand you've got a plan
And what they don't know is you've got somewhere to go
And one of these days you'll figure it out
But I swear my friend you're still the same old mistake

The same old mistake

So now you call my name at night
You say you were wrong and I was right
You think the rules to this game have changed
Well, just because you changed your name
You'll never understand why I walk alone
You'll never understand why you're still

The same old mistake, the same old mistake
And you're running 'round with the same old mistake
The same old mistake and you're running around
With the same old mistake...