Joe D'Urso

Lyrics and Chords

Best 1991-2003


(Joe D'Urso)

Songwriters: Joe D'Urso and Dan Albanese
Publisher: Three Chords and The Truth Publishing - BMI
Release: Rock and Roll Station - 2000
Producers: Michael Mazzarella and David Domanich with Joe D'Urso
Engineer: David Domanich
Mastered by: Alan Douches with David Domanich
Musicians: Dan Albanese/Joe D'Urso/Sam LaMonica/Jim Bennett/Pete Mora

There's another crash out on the highway
Another twister ripping up the midway
You click the off button and take a rest
You move on to something that is less

You hear they're dropping bombs in the world
A high school grieves the loss of a girl
Another face crying on your screen
You can't win, cause you're numb

Numb, Numb
Where's love?

Another fire in the ghetto in the city
You shake your head and say "damn, what a pity"
Another senseless death fills your screen
You don't feel angry, you don't feel mean cause your numb

Numb, Numb
Where's love?

Desensitize. Been criticized
Don't mean nothing at all
Cause your numb

Numb, Numb
Where's love?

There's another fire out there tonight
You say your prayers and every things still not right
Maybe one day you'll feel it all
But tonight, well you are numb

Numb, Numb
Where's Love?