Joe D'Urso

Lyrics and Chords

Audience of One

Run Away

(Joe D'Urso)

You were feeling down calling out my name
You were holding cards for the loving game
And you never owned the moments that were lost
And now you're all alone, baby that's the cost

Cause you run, run away
Run, run away
Caught behind tomorrow,
Left behind today
And you run, run away

The times they rolled, the days they past
You were left alone to fill the romance
Times they wash and times they will spray
I just want to know what it is you say when

Always wondering what becomes
Of the times and moments of your old loves
Always searching for life to come true
I still believe in the hope of you

You were searching for too many nights
I was wondering if you were right
You had another one to stand by
But now you're alone once again tonight

Now comes the moments of time well spend
If you have a new love that's for rent
If you have day to say your own peace
Cause you once loved you didn't buy you leased.