Joe D'Urso

Lyrics and Chords

Both Sides of Life

Power of the Dove

(a very old friend that I love dearly)

Theresa left the steel ruins of outer Pittsburgh town
Thought she'd leave behind
All those bar soaked rumors
And move herself in the Carolina ways of Charlotte
There she found the man she should've always met

Little Willie was no small man
He was six foot four with baseball gloves for hands
He owned the neighborhood bar and grill
Was a man's man through and through
Now Willie wanted Theresa to be his
She thought for a while how fine that be
But she was so scared and afraid she ruin
Everything good that was meant to be

Theresa, my love, I don't care where you've been
Cause I never been one for the stories
Of cold whiskey and gin
All I know is your heart it's made of love
And I may look real tough but I believe
In the power of the dove

Now, Theresa wanted a man
That she could stand by
Prayed many lonely nights for a chance like this
But she was scared and afraid she'd ruin
Everything good she had always missed

Willie knew Theresa was having second thoughts
He felt enough of her pain to realize she was caught
In the doubting, self inflicted years
Of pain and wonder
He couldn't allow her one more night of loneliness

Now everybody was wondering
What would go on that day
Would Theresa show this fine day in May?
And Willie so proud with a smile like that
Theresa knew he was the best she ever had

She was a half hour late and pushing thirty-seven
Everyone was sweating except Big Willie
You could see it in his eyes, he was so proud
He never believed she would let him down

Well the sun shown bright late last night
I heard the church bell's ring with love's true might
I saw a white dove above these Charlotte hills
Love had won out with its will
Love had won out up against this world
Where thrills and fear seem to matter most
And as I lay my head to sleep last night
I heard Willie singing with love's true might