Joe D'Urso

Lyrics and Chords

Both Sides of Life

Walk On

(a lullaby that I've always sung for my friend's kids)

All I want is for your dreams to come true
All I want is a valley for me and you
All I want is a star for your hair
To see you smile and have no cares and walk on

All I want is for you to sleep and wake
To have no fears to have no shakes
To see you walk in the light
To see you never give up your fight and walk on

Walk in the valley, be free in the valley with me

Free your heart, your soul, your mind
Don't worry about today you've got plenty of time
Set you sights on a better day
Shine and smile to those along the way
And just when you think you're at the end
They'll be one more turn and one more bend but
Walk on

Won't you walk right through your darkest nights
Believe in your heart let your love be your light
Won't you walk right through your deepest fears
Believe in your heart and hope will be near and
Walk on