Joe D'Urso

Lyrics and Chords

Both Sides of Life

Let it Go

(not to be cliché, but life is way too short to worry all the time)

Are the senseless meaning numbers
Filling up your head?
You working a job that's still a real dead end?
Do you need someone to hold the night to you?
Can you still tell the difference between the two?

Sometimes you gotta let it go
Sometimes you gotta let it show
Don't you worry 'bout nothing,
It don't worry 'bout you
Sometimes you gotta let it go

Are the ghosts and silhouettes
Still running around your head?
You still thinking about everything
You always wanted to
But never really had the time to say?
Do you need someone to be your only friend?
Do you think about your love and it's mortal end?

Well, throw your thoughts to the coming wind
See if they all come back again
It's a one-way ticket on a one-way ride
Sit right back and enjoy your only ride
It's your only ride that you remember.