Joe D'Urso

Lyrics and Chords



(Joe D'Urso/Dan Albanese)

I got a phone call late last night from an old friend
He said "Hey there Joe, my buddy, my man, I'm at my wits end
Tell me when did life get so hard? I know this sounds kind of silly
But I wish we were kids playing in your backyard"

By the end we were laughing like little kids
Before I hung up the phone
The last thing I said to him was "Don't stall"

I got another phone call late, late last night
It was from an old lover, in her voice was fear and fright
She said her man had left her alone in L.A.
I hung up the phone rolled over,
My baby says "are you ok?"

I said "sometimes I wish I had more answers in my head"
I may not be a genius, but I'm glad
The last thing I said was "Don't stall"

And maybe one day, maybe I'll die old and wise
Yes maybe this will be the story of my life
But until then I don't really know
But the one thing that I do know, I won't stall, I won't stall

I was sitting all alone in my courtyard just playing my guitar
I was drinking a cold beer and I was catching God's warm rays
And I saw a bunch of five year old kids playing around
Doing what they do and I thought for a moment
I'd like to be five again but then I remembered that
Even they get the blue, blue, blue, blues

So I decided right then it was time to take my own advise
And I put down my beer and I walked straight into the sunlight
And I walked through the darkness of the night
And I walked to the morning's light
And then I found out what was wrong
And what was right, right, right, right, right, right

And maybe one day I'll die old and wise
But till then I've got some time
But you know there's never enough time
I won't stall, I won't stall, I won't stall, no, no, no...