Joe D'Urso

Lyrics and Chords

Mirrors, Shoestrings & Credit Cards

Your Fadeaway

Saw you late last week
You said you were going down by the river
And maybe you'd be back next week
But I heard from a friend
That you've fadeaway

You said it would never catch up to you
And both of us laughed cause we knew it wasn't
True to the ways that we were taught
Well, I'll smoke another cigarette
While you fadeaway, fadeaway

It's 3AM and the night is cold
I feel my soul growing oh, so old
From this week, from these days
I'll sit by the river in my own haze
And this one's for you my good friend
I hope you enjoy your private fadeaway
Fadeaway, fadeaway, fadeaway, fadeaway
Your fadeaway, your fadeaway
Your fadeaway, your fadeaway
Well fadeaway, well fadeaway, fadeaway
Said "love is love and not fadeaway"...