Joe D'Urso

Lyrics and Chords

What Would Pete Do?

Your Last Goodbye

(Joe D'Urso)

I remember you calling me late one night
You had too much to drink but your heart was in sight
You were crying, apologizing for breaking my heart
I now can't remember if you were married or about to start
I told you I was fine but even now when I see
Someone with your eyes I feel that old familiar pain

And it's been a few years since you've been gone
I heard you were in a dark place, I still haven't found out
The hows and whys but I wish you would have called me
Even in that state maybe I could have talked you
Off the ledge, back into the light
Back before you said your last goodbye / closed your eyes

Young romance as such a funny thing
Colors seem brighter you hear the un-caged bird sing
There are so few greys as life seems more black and white
With a clear vision of love and passion with the shoreline always in sight


Why is it some people remain in your thoughts
Even when they don't deserve the time and space?
But why be so hard? No blood no foul
Just broken pieces that found their way back to whole again

Chorus - 2x